How Do I Fill in My Eyebrows

Some of us have naturally thin or light eyebrows. Some have been tweezer-happy at home, taking out more than was advisable, some have had a bad eyebrow wax, and some were left with an awkward eyebrow shape after thinning their brows. Whatever state they're in - whatever their current shape and thickness levels are - it would' t hurt to learn how to fill in your eyebrows.

Filling in your eyebrows will refine the brow shape and make them look fuller and tidier than they usually are. It doesn't matter whether you're wearing a full face of makeup or not - perfect eyebrows are essential in any setting when you want to look your best. Even strong, thick brows could benefit from a couple of hairlike strokes as a special touch.

To start this guide on how to fill in eyebrows, let's answer some basic questions you might have.

When should I fill in my eyebrows?

There's no strict rule that suggests when you can or can't fill in eyebrows - except in specific situations (see below). If, for whatever reason, you're not happy with the shape of your brow - its arch, thickness, or you think they need a little extra oomph for a special occasion - it's time to fill them in!

  • OK, but can I fill in my eyebrows after microblading?

Experts recommend that you wait at least two weeks before applying any cosmetics to the eyebrow area after microblading. The skin needs to heal and calm down, and you should only use a balm or cream that was recommended to you by your technician. You should even avoid getting hair in your brows to not interfere with the recovery process.

  • Should I fill in my eyebrows before waxing?

Any aesthetician will suggest that you skip your eyebrow makeup on the day of your waxing appointment. Filled in eyebrows make it harder for them to see the brow hair, and they always remove any residual makeup before the waxing, anyway.

  • Should I fill in my eyebrows before threading?

Just as in the case of waxing, you should avoid putting on brow makeup and any other eye makeup. Threading will require you to hold your eye (brows) in a particular shape, and your eye will possibly water from this, smudging the makeup you have on unless it's waterproof. But even then, it's better to come to your threading appointment makeup-free.

What color should I fill in my eyebrows with?

Before you get to the actual filling in, you need to choose the right color for your brows. The color for the brow filler you want depends on your hair color, skin tone, and on what effect you're trying to achieve.

The general rule of thumb is that you should go one or two shades lighter than your hair. However, if your beauty goal is to have a bold brow, then a darker shade will be excellent. (Not too much, though!) Hey Babe Eyebrow Pencils are categorized by what color brow you want to have for a more straightforward selection process (Blond, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Taupe, etc.).

Don't forget about the undertones! Most people overlook these when they're color picking. Does your hair have warm undertones? Or cooler, ashier ones? Try to match the undertone of your brow color with that of your hair color for a flawless look.

What do I use to fill in my eyebrows?

For achieving those perfect brow looks, you need the right tools. Here, we will break down everything you need to know to choose the right brow product.

  • Eyebrow Fillers

There are four common brow filler types on the market today.

First, we have the ever-present brow pencil. In your learning process, you will find that eyebrow pencils are great for filling in sparse spots. They're not so great for defining the eyebrow shape because if you go too heavy-handed with a pencil, you can quickly look cartoonish. Use these only for adding individual eyebrow hairs where needed for a more natural look.

Pomades are a perfect choice for a dark brow and a bold look. They take a little bit of practice before you can handle this filler without accidentally overdoing it, so perhaps don't use this if you're just starting out.

To avoid harsh lines that you might get from a pencil or a pomade, use brow powder. This type of filler is recommended for beginners, as it helps you create a softer, more natural look.

Lastly, the purpose of waxes and brow gels is to keep stray hairs in place. They deepen the brow color, whichever it is, and they provide holding power and prevent smudging.

  • Eyebrow Tools

You will need some tools to apply your eyebrow filler if you're not using a brow pencil. In this case, the tools are brushes, and there are two main kinds of eyebrow brushes: the angled brush and the spoolie brush.

The angled brush is used for applying powder or brow pomade, and it's perfect for preventing you from applying too much in one go.

The spoolie brush is used to brush through your eyebrows before you start filling them in so you can see where the unevenness is. After you apply your filler, the spoolie brow brush blends out the color and softens any harsh lines you might have left.

The Hey Babe Duo Eyebrow Brush comes with an angled brush on one end and a spoolie on the other! Two brushes in one!

Step-By-Step Guide To Filling In Your Eyebrows

1. Brush them with a spoolie brush

To assess the canvas you're working with, so to speak, don't forget to brush your eyebrows beforehand. That way, you will clearly see if there are any stray hairs that you need to remove or trim and where the sparse spots are.

2. Hold your skin firmly at the temple

Don't pull to distort the shape of your brow! Just hold your skin firmly at the temple as you're working to avoid any unwanted hair removal.

3. Outline the top and bottom of your brows

Before you start, you can shape your eyebrow by lightly outlining the top and bottom with an angled brush. This will serve as sort of a guide as you're filling in your brow.

4. Gently fill them in

Use the product of your choice and apply the filler with an angled brush in feathery strokes. A common mistake is to start from the front. You want to start from the middle and move to the outer ends of the brow so that most of the product settles there. You don't want too much product in the front. Use dash-like strokes to mimic the way natural hairs grow.

The best tactic would be to follow the natural shape of your brows. Brows aren't meant to be curly or wiggly or zig-zaggy, though you've undoubtedly seen those trends around. Natural brows work great in any setting, and all you need to do is follow the line of your brow bone. (Please don't ever use a brow stencil!)

5. Avoid overfilling

If your goal is an eyebrow that looks more natural, step away before you overfill! Heavy-handed eyebrows take too much attention away from the face, and a well-defined eyebrow is still possible without overfilling.

6. Regroup

Finally, to make sure you are not overdoing it, take breaks. If you feel the urge to apply more product or to fix something that may not need fixing, take a breath and step away from the mirror. Then regroup and return to the process with a fresh perspective.

As you can see, filling in eyebrows is not so scary! All you need to do is find the right makeup products for yourself and practice, practice, practice! There's no reason why you can't have great eyebrows starting today.


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