What Is the Best Eyebrow Shape for My Face

Whether you're going for a natural, effortless feel or trying to look like you were done up by a professional makeup artist - a well-defined brow makes all the difference between looking haggardly and having a look worthy of Hollywood stars.

I still remember my first experience with shaping eyebrows. I was eleven when my Auntie Debbie decided to make two eyebrows out of my unfortunate unibrow. “The Attack of Nicole’s Brows” is something we fondly look back on today, and it marks the beginning of my mission to get the most magnificent brows ever.

There are so many different ways you can influence your eyebrow’s appearance and shape, from tweezing and waxing them to filling them in, coloring them, or going for microblading. But the main question here is - what is the best shape? Sure, you can choose any of these techniques for shaping eyebrows, but what shape will best complement your face?

The right eyebrow shape will make you look younger, more energized, and it can make your nose appear slimmer and your cheekbones more lifted. It is determined by your facial features, as well as your eye shape and eye type.

Best Brow Styles for Your Face Shape

  • Round Face

A round face shape is almost as full as it is long, and it is usually the widest at the cheek area. This face type is soft and incredibly cute (see: Chrissy Teigen, Mila Kunis, Lily Collins). A good brow could provide it with the structure and visual elongation it needs.

A sharp, high arch is great for round faces, as high as you can make it without looking unnatural. If you're filling in your brows, start in the middle - at the arch - and make it darker than the rest of your brow for more emphasis. At the same time, brush your brow hair upward to lift your features further.

  • Oval Face

In oval face shapes, the forehead is wider than the jaw, which is usually narrow, and the cheekbones are prominent. It is well-known that this fortunate face shape can pull off basically any hair and bangs style, and the same goes for eyebrows. For good examples of an oval face shape, look at Jessica Alba, Beyonce, and Bella Hadid.

Oval faces can rock any brow - softly rounded, a flat brow, an angled arch - you name it! Just make sure that the brow shape works with your proportions and general aesthetic. (Try to avoid the line-thin style from the '90s, however. That didn't look good on anyone.)

  • Heart-Shaped Face

The heart-shaped face is very similar to the oval shape, only the jaw is even narrower, almost tapering to a point. Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, and Halle Berry all have a heart face shape.

The general advice here is to go for a soft arch or maybe even a straight brow to round the angles of your face. You can also go for a fuller eyebrow; just don't overdo it with the brow pencil because this might put more emphasis on your forehead.

  • Square-Shaped Face

With square-shaped faces, the square jawline is the most defining feature. You have a square face if your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are all similar in width. Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightley, and Olivia Wilde all have square face shapes.

To balance out the jawline, you should go for angled brows. An angled or an arched brow works excellent for the square shape, as it adds depth to the look. You can also opt for a stronger color and a thicker brow at the same time.

  • Diamond Face Shape

The rarest of all face shapes - the diamond face shape - is highly angular with its widest points at the temples. Great examples of this face shape are Serena Williams, Elizabeth Hurley, and Shakira.

Curved brows are great for the diamond face shape. They soften the angles and make it appear rounder. At the same time, don't be afraid of making your round brow shape a bit longer to complement your jawline.

  • Long Face Shape

Gisele Bundchen is the most famous example of long face shape, as well as Sarah Jessica Parker. A long face has a forehead, cheekbone, and jawline that are all approximately the same width, but with the jaw far less prominent than in square-shaped faces.

To add more width to your face, go for a flat brow with a slight downward curve at the end. High arches will make your face seem thinner than it is, so go for low, gentle arches instead. 

Best Eyebrows for Your Eyes

The set of your eyes also plays a role in deciding what is the perfect brow shape for you. Take that into consideration the next time you're shaping your brows.

  • Close-Set Eyes

For example, if you have close-set eyes like Jennifer Aniston, you should extend the length of your eyebrows using a brow pencil. Create a wide arch along your brow bone and make it soft. Sharp arches or a brow end that is too thin and too tapered will have a pointing arrow effect that you'll want to avoid.

  • Wide-Set Eyes

However, if your eyes are more like Amanda Seyfried's, you could benefit from filling in your brows. Start further in than where your eyebrow naturally begins so that you pull everything into the center. In this case, soft brows are your friends. Avoid harsh lines and overplucking.

How to Choose the Perfect Eyebrow Shape

Now that you know the best eyebrow style for your face shape, you need to find the brow shape that suits the proportions of your face proportions. Not every oval face is the same because everyone's facial features are different. To see where your brows should start and end and what your arch shape should be, use this simple method of mapping your brows.

 Choose a thin makeup brush - any makeup brush will do.

  1. Hold the brush straight up from one side (corner) of your nose to the inner corner of the eye. This marks the start of your brow.
  2. Angle the brush from the corner of your nose through the center of your eye. Make sure you are looking straight ahead for this. Where the brush intersects with your brow is where your arch should be.
  3. Finally, use the brush to connect the corner of your nose to your eye's outer corner. This is where your brows should end.

And voila! Now you have a great template of how your brows naturally look. You can use this guide to then fill them in however you desire, whether you're going for rounded brows, a high arch, or a softly angled look.

In Summary

Eyebrow shaping shouldn't be too stressful. Simply find your face shape, see which style works best for you, and go for a wax or microblading or pick up a pair of tweezers to get there! The best eyebrow look is an enhanced version of your natural brow, so keep that in mind.

However, if you're feeling particularly saucy, you might do something wild, like creating a wavy brow. Like with hair, you can experiment as much as you'd like with brow shaping because, thankfully, it is only a matter of time before they grow back. (And if they don't, due to over-tweezing, there is always microblading.)

One last tip to keep in mind when shaping eyebrows is that your brows shouldn't be twins. Don't stress over them being identical! They just have to be sisters, with shapes similar enough that no one would be able to tell the difference between the two unless they take a closer look.

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